Where can I get Flip Schulke prints?

Flip Schulke Archives has a limited number of signed, life time and vintage prints. Life time prints are made by or under the direct supervision of Mr. Schulke. Also most any of the images can be printed to size as long as they meet our quality standards. These estate prints will be printed to match with guide prints created or approved by Mr. Schulke.

Has the Schulke collection been sent to The University of Texas at Austin
Dolph Briscoe Center for American History?

Yes but Flip Schulke Archives has full access to all original materials. UTA supervises academic research and archival storage.

Was a large part of the Schulke collection destroyed in a hurricane?

Mr. Schulke’s house and work space were destroyed by Hurricane Andrew, but Mr. Schulke had developed some expertise in hurricane survival in covering major hurricanes for LIFE magazine and others. This expertise and a bit of luck allowed him and his wife Donna to act quickly and intelligently before, during and immediately after the hurricane to save the vast majority of the archive. In the aftermath of the hurricane the Schulke’s friends, family and photographic community helped shepherd the collection out of harms way during the clean-up and recovery. In the thankfully rare case of losing the original materials, high quality large format copy negatives and full custom prints were found to cover any gaps that occurred.

Can Flip Schulke Archives help research and locate specific photographs?

We have ready access to most large assignments and important event coverage. But some assignments and requests require special research and these are subject to research fees.

Was Mr. Schulke, Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. personal photographer?

No, while Mr. Schulke developed a close friendship with Dr. King, Schulke’s work was as a freelance photojournalist covering the American civil rights movement for various news outlets.

Mr. Schulke is know for his underwater work, where can we find his images of sea life?

While being very well known for his underwater work, Mr. Schulke shoot very little of “sea life”. His work centered around man in the aquatic environment – working, living and studying life in the water.

Are any of Mr. Schulke’s photographs “public domain” photographs, free to use without restriction?

No, all of Mr. Schulke’s creations are copyrighted works.

Are more details about the archive still being developed?

Yes , Flip Schulke Archives and The University of Texas at Austin
Dolph Briscoe Center for American History are continuing to expand the information available and contained in Mr. Schulke’s archive of photographs.

Does Flip Schulke Archive donate uses of Mr. Schulke’s work?

On rare occasions we do, but due to economic considerations only to a closely held few organizations Mr. Schulke supported during his life time.

Will more of the archive be available for viewing on-line?

Yes as we gain more space and improve security measures.

Does Flip Schulke Archives handle all commercial uses of Mr. Schulke’s photographs?

Yes, we license use of photographs for historical, news and publishing concerns. Advertising uses require special handling and are case by case and require various other releases too.